Building a Financially, Economically, and Politically Immune Lifestyle

Brett Shoemaker
2 min readJan 26, 2021

We started our debt free journey with all of these in mind. While we aren’t quite there, the path is much more clear than when we started. After paying off over $180,000 in debt over the course of the last 27 months, we’ve learned that there’s more to life than making payments. We wanted to pay off debt, build wealth, invest the rest, & give so that regardless of what happens financially, economically, and politically, we’d be immune.

Here’s what we mean by that…

When you pay off debt, increase savings, and invest in your future…

YOU are in control. YOU lose the dependency on an employer and having to work 40+ hours a week. Job layoffs aren’t as impactful, emergencies become inconveniences, and having time doing the things you’d rather do is now available. True freedom is a result of being financially and economically independent.

What if the lifestyle you built made you politically immune?

Once you become financially and economically immune, decisions being made at Capitol Hill likely won’t affect you. Some might TRIGGER you, but that’s a different discussion. Stimulus packages, layoff benefits, Medicare changes, full retirement age benefits, social security, changes to tax rates, etc may create opportunities to pause for discussions to your plans, but if you are in control financially, political decisions related to finances will be less impactful. True financial freedom means that you aren’t waiting for the government to decide your fate which makes you politically immune.

At the core of our lives is personal finance…

Money isn’t everything, but when we are in control of our finances we become rich with time and rich with happiness. In our experience, having time equals happiness. Prior to our debt free and FI journey, we didn’t have much time. Debt controlled our life and not managing our finances left us exposed. Much like our health, we want to manage our finances in a way that keeps us healthy by doing our best to build immunity from outside influence.

Budgeting, increasing savings rate, avoiding debt, adding multiple streams of income, and investing in the future is the lifestyle we choose to live!



Brett Shoemaker

Passionate Financial Coach on a journey for Financial Independence. My wife and I paid off over $600k of debt in 3 years. Now I help others do the same.