Navigating Your Way Through a Job Lay-off — Take Action

Brett Shoemaker
2 min readNov 11, 2020
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The Application Process:

The application process is arduous. But Apply, Apply, Apply. Set aside at least an hour everyday submitting Apps online. If HR calls or a Recruiter asks to setup a phone meeting (they don’t call them interviews now, I’ll explain more..), setup a meeting with them. Even if it’s a position you aren’t completely interested in. Why? PRACTICE! Most ask the same questions these days, what better way to get more comfortable with the questions than having them repeated? Be completely ready when the Job you really want becomes available. Recruiters & HR Managers call these initial interviews, “phone meetings”. Technically it’s NOT an interview even though they go through the same processes if it were. The meeting is a ‘feeler’ discussion to see if you’d be a good fit and you represent what’s on paper (resumé).

Negotiating and Interviewing:

Don’t be afraid to negotiate. After all, as much as you want to jump back in so you can get income again, that doesn’t mean you have to accept crazy hours, crazy shifts, etc where YOU have to make all types of sacrifices for your employer. Remember, while they are interviewing you, you SHOULD also interview them. Find out why you should bring YOUR TALENTS to them. If you haven’t heard anything back immediately. Don’t lose hope. For whatever reason these days, companies make a big ‘to-do’ about finding the right talent, but they drag the entire process out longer than it should. Not much you can do here, just continue to apply to other positions & have hope.

Creative Career Thinking

Get creative. Record a 2–3min ‘resumé’ video highlighting you & what makes you a unique hire for the applied position. And no, I’m not talking about reading your resume line by line. Are there other certifications you could get necessary for your career? Any of those stand to assist you in standing out from other applicants? Step outside of your typical jobs you’d apply for or went to college for. This is a tricky one yes, but consider this…if you are a RN with a outgoing personality maybe apply for pharmaceutical or vendor sales job? Your degree doesn’t have to limit your supposed boundaries. Expand!



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