Should you Buy, Should you Sell

Brett Shoemaker
2 min readFeb 7, 2021

I shared to our stories recently about how it’s projected that the current real estate market is in a bubble and when or if that bubble will burst. In case if anyone missed it, I put up conflicting thoughts.

I mentioned that…

Buyers should wait &

Sellers should sell

Confused? Let me elaborate…

Essentially, any buyers who don’t have at least 20% saved for down payments should wait. If you’ve never had to deal with PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance), it is a real headache when trying to delete it. Secondly, a low interest rate means nothing if you pay $30k over the listing price. Lastly, the moratoriums on mortgage forbearance will end in September. (Some are expiring in March). This could unfortunately mean that a vast number of people will default ultimately leading to foreclosures. If this happens, home prices will come down, measurably.

If you are a potential seller…

Now might be the time to sell. Especially if you’ve been on the fence and have other living arrangements setup. The rapid increase in home values means you could be sitting on quite a bit of equity. This equity could be used towards another home (bonus points if you pay cash). Remember though, everything has an equilateral affect and this is especially true if you sell and can’t find another home. You don’t want to blow the equity earned from your sale into a bidding war somewhere else.

If you are a real estate investor…

BRRRR is going to be hot for the next few years. Existing home sales of distressed properties are up, but not as high as finished updated homes. Scoop up those, rehab them, and put them up for rent. The rental market will continue to be ideal. Vacation Rentals in areas people can drive to us also a good option. Think Smoky Mountains, Panama City Beach, Breckinridge, Asheville, etc. Places where the local economy is dependent on tourists and vacationers. 2021 is the year of the road trip and areas that are within a 4–6 hour drive are most ideal.


This market is crazy at the moment. What goes up must come down at some point. However, I do believe many areas will stay up.



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