Brett Shoemaker
2 min readJan 4, 2021


Our Congress Men and Women are Overpaid

Give me one reason why our elected officials get paid $174,000 annually plus benefits? This annual salary is more than double the average annual household income in the US which is $61,937.

If this doesn’t make your blood boil…

Considering that our founding fathers believed that most individuals who ran for congress would be well-off anyways, they should serve for free out of a sense of duty.

DUTY. Elected to represent their constituents….but who feels like they aren’t represented?

Under the Articles of Confederation, if US congress men or women were paid, they were paid by the states they represented. The state legislatures adjusted their pay and could even SUSPEND their pay if they became dissatisfied with them!

My two cents…

Everyone wants to get mad at the business men and women who are making billions in our country, but those business men and women are creating jobs & paying benefits.

When’s the last time our House or Senate provided jobs or benefits outside of Medicaid and Medicare (which by the way, WE the American People pay for?). They are to work on our behalf out of DUTY not for $174,000 a year. Their pay should be predicated on the success of their states.

Maybe it’s time for a revolution…

Maybe it’s time to stop pointing fingers at each other and start putting our foot down against those who are to represent us. Paying them $174,000 a year allows them to keep THEIR best interests in mind, not OURS.

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